The electronic measurement of the Nip becomes connected and user-friendly

New generation offset presses are equipped with efficient control and management systems.
However some measurements remain difficult to perform, especially the roller alignment.

  • The 1st generation DigiNip provided the perfect solution to this problem in mastering, to the nearest millimeter, the correct adjustment of the Nip between the rollers.
  • With its wireless connection, the 2nd generation DigiNip becomes user-friendly and also offers the possibility of connection.

DigiNip-2 conserves the merits of DigiNip

  • Significant time savings: instant measurement of roller alignment.
  • Increase in productivity: significant reduction in paper wastage.
  • Measurement precision: control of the correct adjustment and precise measurement of the roller alignment in millimeters.
  • Useable on all machines: designed for all Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Manroland… presses.

Use DigiNip-2 in all simplicity!

Demonstration video DigiNip-2

In just a few minutes discover how user-friendly and interconnected the offset Nip measurement has become with DigiNip-2.

TabletMeasure app

Transfer your data simply to your smartphone or tablet and save the offset Nip measurements into a database to build a measurement history.

TabletMeasure app can be downloaded free from Play Store and App Store.

DigiNip-2 user instructions

Download the user’s guide