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Antoine Krier’s first inventions were made in Plaisir in the Yvelines region of France in 2006. Krier is a family company created in 1985.

Following many hours of research and experiments, and inspired by his knowledge of electronic instrument design – acquired over 15 years working for a world famous car manufacturing company. This entrepreneur designed several measuring instruments including the DigiNip. It was the first electronic Nip measuring instrument, and was patented and operational in 2006. It became a worldwide success for offset nip measurement.

With more than 2800 DigiNips in use, Krier is now the leader in Roller adjustment instruments in France, Europe and the world.

In order to continue its growth, DigiNip now produces a second generation wireless version DigiNip-2 and the associated TabletMeasure software. This makes it even more user-friendly and simpler to use and produces automated reports and test results.

Intelligent measurement becomes interconnected.

In using modern devices such as smartphones and tablets, industrial measurement has become user-friendly, viable, efficient and connected in real-time.